For you serial killer junkies

The substantiated livejournal of freed killer/cannibal Nicolas Claux, at least according to CourtTV journalists. A little background:

Kyle is an asshole

I’m moving back to PDX, PDXers. Worked a sweet deal with my boss to work on a contract basis and shed myself of this shithole. And in addition to that, I’d like to redundantly add that I overheard some chick tell her friend “Kyle is an asshole” last night. So I figured I’d become the […]

Evening of rock

I guess we are playing at this motorcycle event tonight. Should be fun a 45 minute set of rock, I guess there are going to be around 1000 gnarled old biker guys and trashy women in confederate flag bikinis. That will so fucking lounge.

band with no name

What a weekend. That music outfit I’ve been engaging in the rock with played at this chick’s house out in the country. It ended up pretty much being a harley gang party, which was kind of funny, because they were like Hell’s Angels Lite. Rick quitely mumbled “Kyle, this is your fault. Guys I hate […]

Found some oldies but goodies

I thought the cartoons and games I made for zthing were gone forever. Amazing how many people will archive their shit. These are two of what I consider to be my best ones. Special Winter Olympics Easter Egg Hunt If I can remember all the file names, I might be able to dig up all […]

Some photos from awhile back

Note, well over 15 years later, I discovered that these photos are no longer on my server, so there is far less context to my screed. Cleaned out my digital camera. These are some pictures from Bay to Breakers in SF. There were about 80,000 friggin people on this 9 mile run/walk/drunken stumble from the […]