Clients That Suck

Lately, I’ve had a little extra time building up between now and my next project, so I have been surfing craiglist heavily looking for projects to fill in the void. While I’ve found some promising stuff, most of the things posted are pure crap. Henceforth, I felt the need to take a look at the […]

GTA San Andreas

Released! I’m not big into gaming, but GTA is quite fun. I think I’ll have to go make a small investment today, and take out all that pent up freelancer aggression on characters resembling Easy-E. And for no apparent reason, I was thinking about the Shanghai Tunnel in Portland.

Dishonest Developers

After getting off the phone with a potential client today, I realized something: There are many dishonest and shady web designers and developers out there that are taking peoples money even when they don’t have the skills necessary to complete the project. To me, this is unethical, and a horrible way to conduct business. However, […]

what a great night

Aside from parties and weird biker things, I’ve never played a show before. Tonight was fucking awesome. There were like 150 at this damn little bar, we played 8 goddamn songs, and had a great time. The sound was great on the audience end, but the onstage monitors sucked ass until the sound guy got […]


At this time next wednesday, I will be unpacking the u-haul and putting shit in my new place in NE PDX. Short timers syndrome at work has me by the balls, I haven’t done a damn thing all day. I’ll be doing some work for Flying Rhinoceros after I get up there. Great company, really […]

It’s a wonderful morning

Starting waxing nostalgia – 10 years ago around this time, on a morning like this morning, I’d pop up on Saturdays, and sit around and smoke pot with Blanchard, Dandy, and Sody. Then I’d go skate with Chris Hurley, and try to figure out how to go about humping his sister. Built to spill was […]

For you serial killer junkies

The substantiated livejournal of freed killer/cannibal Nicolas Claux, at least according to CourtTV journalists. A little background: