Call Me Old Fashioned

But I like using basic simple tools with few bells and whistles. I still use simple text to write HTML, I don’t update IM clients much, and I don’t have a fondness for many new versions of software. It’s been awhile since anything truly significant was changed in Photoshop, I only use Fireworks for slicing […]

Image Search Optimization

With some of my websites I have found that the image search function for both Google and Yahoo has generated a significant increase in traffic. In fact, I have one website that increased it’s daily uniques by over 300 visitors a day, just because of image searching. I watched my sales and advertising clickthrough rates […]

Google In A Nutshell

Joe Griffin puts it best in his article entitled The Google Economy Google makes friends with the popular people (used in metaphor to represent websites). Google does not care about the new kid in school. If you can understand his simple principle, you will be well on your way to laying out a solid foundation […]

How to Promote Band Websites

So you built your beautiful website about your band. You have some MP3s uploaded, you have your show date calendar, and maybe some biographies and photos posted. Operating under the assumption that you are in local garage band that plays a gig or two every few months, you are going to have a daunting task. […]

Clients That Suck

Lately, I’ve had a little extra time building up between now and my next project, so I have been surfing craiglist heavily looking for projects to fill in the void. While I’ve found some promising stuff, most of the things posted are pure crap. Henceforth, I felt the need to take a look at the […]

Dishonest Developers

After getting off the phone with a potential client today, I realized something: There are many dishonest and shady web designers and developers out there that are taking peoples money even when they don’t have the skills necessary to complete the project. To me, this is unethical, and a horrible way to conduct business. However, […]