The Curse of Successful Traffic Projects

Right now, two of my websites are experiencing growing pains. Portland Bars is exploding, and I can’t program enough features to keep up with it. The problem is, I figuring out how to monetize. I hadn’t really planned on generating this much traffic, nor what I would do when I got it.

I’ve found that Adsense is not performing as well as I hoped vs. the type of traffic I am recieving. Then I realized why: My traffic is coming from search engines, and had ignored the very same PPC ads that were origininally displayed. They want listings.

Now to monetize, now to monetize. I’ve been contacting larger local agencies and trying to work out a Pay Per Click deal, where the first have of the page is overtaken by an MLS form, that is posted through a tracking script. Argh. This came so quick, I wasn’t expecting it.


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