band with no name

What a weekend. That music outfit I’ve been engaging in the rock with played at this chick’s house out in the country. It ended up pretty much being a harley gang party, which was kind of funny, because they were like Hell’s Angels Lite.

Rick quitely mumbled “Kyle, this is your fault. Guys I hate to say it, but if we get in a pickle, does anyone know any Skynryrd riffs?”.

So we played all seven songs that we have written so far, and they wanted us to keep playing to which we just fucked around.

In the end, they invited us to play at their club house anytime, where I guess activities include gangbanging prospective member’s ole’ ladys, holding fundraisers for numerous charities, and $1.00 draft beers not subject to Alcohol commission regulations.

I keep imagining a PeeWee’s Big Adventure/Blues Brothers type scenario going on.

I’m sleepy.


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