Some photos from awhile back

Note, well over 15 years later, I discovered that these photos are no longer on my server, so there is far less context to my screed.

Cleaned out my digital camera. These are some pictures from Bay to Breakers in SF. There were about 80,000 friggin people on this 9 mile run/walk/drunken stumble from the Embarcadero to the Pacific Ocean. So save bandwidth, the thumbs are clickable.

Starting out at 7:30 am Clay, Michelle, Tracy and I…backpacks full of mix drinks, beer, sandwiches, a lobster, condoms, sober, and on the metro and trying to give each other herpes.

We reach the start at about 8:00 am. The start of the drunken day, that is.

.5 miles into it, hot man ass.

The ancient erotic art of Pongilingus

At this point we had drank a few beers, and pissed in the bushes. We are at mile 1.5. Oh and about 40 salmon started at the finish line and swam upstream. Way to make a point, hippies.

Some people prefer to excercise at home on their synthetic cross country ski machine. Those people are pussies.

Ding ding ding. Here comes the shit-train. Just kidding. It’s a goddamn human powered tiki bar that serves drinks in coconuts and employs big samoans to push it up the big hills.

Even when they aren’t really midgets underneath those clothes, people painted to look like oompa loompa are kind of scary like real midgets.

Let the drunken groping begin at 10:30 am. That Pepsi bottle contains lot’s of whiskey, and a little coke. Take that, Pepsi. I’m so fucking punk that I send mix brand messages. Fuckers.

We reach mile 4. Only 5 miles to go. We’re hammered. 

Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! We are grateful for the spiced rum. Thank you Cap’n Happy Jim. Somewhere in Golden Gate Park.

Clay is absolutely smashed, and we haven’t reached mile 6. The tiki bar even passed us up. Earlier, we had played badminton amongst a marching crowd of people. No one was injured, but clay kept yelling “My cock is between your legs. My shuttlecock, that is!”


Thats it. I left my camera on and the batteries died. I know there are some other photos that involve the last 2-3 miles, which would be wonderful to have, since I don’t really have any recollection of what went on at the end. Maybe I’ll post’em when I get bored or something.


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