An Introduction to Igneous Rocks for the Beginner

I just posting this because I’m trying to avoid doing any work that I should have done last year.

Also, I’m trying this experiment. I don’t say “That rocks” anymore. Instead, i’m trying to use the word “lounge”, as in “That so fucking lounges, man.”

Went out with one the guys I have been playing with and his girlfriend last night.
Hungover today, but it was fun. Robert lounges, we are putting together some fun stuff. Just straight ahead guitar rock. I think I’m going to buy a cowbell.

I think building porn sites has been affecting me lately, as I’ve developed a strange fondness for hot older women. I had a birthday a few weeks ago, and some friends all got together and roasted me, and they started making jokes about keeping me away from their moms and aunts.


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