no more virii

It’s friday, I’m sick of being sick, my soundcard went out yesterday so I can’t listen to music on my computer, sick of the incessant drone of this horrid adult contemporary radio station playing in my office is driving me batshit. In fact, it’s driving me so insane that I decided to stop working work and post it in some stupid journal thing like it was an important thing that the whole world REALLY MUST KNOW.

Who listens to that shit anyway. Really? I’m wondering how many people hear that chick covering a bryan adams song or that Celine Dion song about that <a href=>SHIP</a> that sank a long time ago and think to themselves “that speaks to me. It really, really speaks to me. I want to hear it again, and again, and again. This is the shit, yo.” I keep imagining those annoying office ladies who wear the clacky shoes and smell like dry cleaners, with a complacent smile on their face, as they feel real important whenever they recieve a fax of something. If there ever was a good argument for forced sterilization, it would be those people.

Speaking of Celine Dion and the Chick who Covers that Bryan Adams Song I have a few questions that need answering.
(a) What happens at the end of that movie about the boat that sank a long time ago? Did the Leonardo guy save the chick at the end and save the boat in the nick of time? And then the credits role and that Celine Dion song comes on?

(b) Who in their right mind thinks that covering a Bryan Adams song will help their career? Particularly when it is played on a radio station that plays the original bryan adams song anyway.


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