maker’s mark on the rocks

I love the stuff. Nothing cures a cold like tits and whiskey.

Some cool projects coming up in the near future. My buddy Jeff has this art magazine he was publishing, then he let it die. Being a sensitive artist and all, he just can’t quite figure it out. He has recruited me to help with layout of a new issue and fix the many broken things on the site <a href=>Churn Online</a>. Their might be some cool extended HR Giger bits and chunks. It has decent readership, both the print and online version, so it oughta help send me a few more projects that generate $$$.

The <a href=>SHIP</a> site seems like it will be a fun little project to rape and pillage. I’ve spent like an hour looking at assorted pictures of pirate ships and schooner oriented websites. Google image searches mostly turn up lego pirate ship kits. Har. Let yer ass feel the wrath of Captain Morgan’s infernal fury!


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