I Am Lionel Ritchie

If what the bible says is true, then I am a manifestation Lionel Ritchie (post commodores era).
I’m thinking about starting a cult based on this. It’ll be great fun, you’ll be saved for one, and simple and easy to join. Just follow two simple rules

(1)you have to give me every paycheck you recieve.
(2)you must allow me to fornicate with your wife.
2.a If you are female, you must fornicate with me, while chanting “Oh what a feeling, Lionel Ritchie!”
2.b All females must help me populate the earth with little Lionelets.
(3) T-bogg has free range to run around and yell a bunch of shit.

See. Simple.
<a href=http://www.twofinger.com><img src=http://www.twofinger.com/evil;.jpg border=0 alt=”private d” ><img src=http://www.twofinger.com/nose.jpg border=0 alt=”private d” ></a><br> Jason is apparently putting up his latest movie. If any one wants sweet video production, talk to this sonsabitch. <a href=http://www.twofinger.com>two finger sniff</a>


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