Things I don’t want to do be doing at this exact moment in time. (a) Working, so therefore, I post in this journal thing, and let 3:30 friday office doldrums take their toll. So I promise myself that I will get this mockup done by monday. (b) Breathing heavily. (c) Wearing a sweater. (d) Drinking […]

I Am Lionel Ritchie

If what the bible says is true, then I am a manifestation Lionel Ritchie (post commodores era). I’m thinking about starting a cult based on this. It’ll be great fun, you’ll be saved for one, and simple and easy to join. Just follow two simple rules (1)you have to give me every paycheck you recieve. […]


Made a few updates on <a href=>Churn</a>. This site is definitely an exciting project, and Jeff seems to be giving me an incredible amount of control. is number one on the results page in google for “<a href=>art magazine</a>”, now I need to build numero uno placements for for the similar terms. We […]

maker’s mark on the rocks

I love the stuff. Nothing cures a cold like tits and whiskey. Some cool projects coming up in the near future. My buddy Jeff has this art magazine he was publishing, then he let it die. Being a sensitive artist and all, he just can’t quite figure it out. He has recruited me to help […]

no more virii

It’s friday, I’m sick of being sick, my soundcard went out yesterday so I can’t listen to music on my computer, sick of the incessant drone of this horrid adult contemporary radio station playing in my office is driving me batshit. In fact, it’s driving me so insane that I decided to stop working work […]