Refinishing my floors

It was about that time…I needed to refinish the concrete floor in my basement, so I called up my friend “Your Floor Guy” and had him do a little work. It was too nice of a day yesterday for either of us to be inside, but it was nice knowing that I could sit in […]

Adobe to Buy Macromedia

Adobe to buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion This could either be the best thing, or the worst thing in the world for a few reasons: (1) Getting rid of Macromedia Freehand and just using Adobe Illustrator would be great (2) Getting rid of Adobe GoLive and keeping Dreamweaver would be awesome. (3) Using the web […]

Google Local Wireless

Looks like google has set up a wireless local search, according to WebProNews. This is simply awesome, I tried to do a similar thing with PDXbars Wireless ( ). Unfortunately, I don’t have the good search algorithm, and quite frankly, typing on wireless devices sucks. Perhaps with scripting an autofill feature for wireless browsers […]

Happy Clients Make Me Happy

I received a very heartening email from one of my past clients today. She had forwarded my information on to a friend praising the work that I had done for her, and was very pleased now that her site is showing signs of performance. Lately, I’ve been in a client slump, so it really brightened […]

Free Article Content

Keeping fresh content on your website is vital to both search engine optimization as well as keeping your visitors coming back. Sometimes, the creative juices just aren’t flowing, and sometimes you don’t have the extra cash to pay a writer. This is were free, republishable content comes into play. Though it might be tempting to […]

Web Design Templates

Depending on the goal of your website, using web design templates can be an affordable and efficient way to build up a professional website for your traffic projects. I’m not crazy about using them for professional site identity projects, but for creating a more generic content site, templates can suit you nicely. Some are rather […]

Antique Wood and Related Phrases

I learned a valuable new lesson in keyphrase targeting today as well. There are terms that you will never think of that can generate significant results and interest. One of my clients mentioned that his customer was referencing the term “antique wood” when describing reclaimed lumber. A great deal of searches were done for “antique […]

Above The Fold

I’ve been reading an interesting discussion on WebmasterWorld about how click-throughs significantly decrease when your links are “below the fold”. In my own experience, I’ve watched page views on my content oriented sites significantly increase when I placed my links on I use a horizontal, 4 column navigation bar at the very top of the […]

This week

If all goes well, March will unveil two new expanded partnerships projects for me. I’m am looking forward to toning down my client work and focusing on doing what I like to do: running websites.