More Vents

After taking many custom orders for octagon gable vents, I figured it was time to add them to It only made sense, since we were probably missing out on traffic from those kinds of search queries. We also added a new vent site specializing in Round Gable Vents.

The Big 3 Serps Combined

I got tired of installing toolbars, or flipping between Firefox tabs to check positioning in the search engine results pages, so I made myself a little tool that I could see my positioning in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. It uses frames, which kind of sucks since you end up with side scroll, but it definitely […]

Update your stuff

Dr. James Kilgore, a plastic surgeon in Portland, has recently expanded his service offerings. In addition to offering botox in Portland, he is also offering Restylane and Hylaform PlusĀ®. It’s great to see that my clients keep up on updating their sites with new information. That will always translate into more revenues for them.

Some New Sites and Whatnot

I have finally merged with BarFly. Barfly has been covering bars in the Portland and northwest areas for over 6 years, I’m quite excited about what will happen with this site. I also have finished up a site for a Portland plastic surgeon. He specializes in quite a few cosmetic surgerical enhancements, as well […]

Search Positioning is Power

I’ve been recently watch many of my sites climb to #1 – #3 spots for their terms across all of major search engines. This has been a slow process, for some sites it took years. I hadn’t even checked my logs for monthes on one particular site, and when I finally did, I saw that […]

New Products Added

I have recently added Rectangle Gable Vents to gable end vent inventory. This has lead to an increased number of inquiries from homeowners due in part to search engine traffic and Froogle feeds. While my true goal is to sell to home builders, contractors, and architects, increasing the sales volume from homeowners does help […]

Refinishing my floors

It was about that time…I needed to refinish the concrete floor in my basement, so I called up my friend “Your Floor Guy” and had him do a little work. It was too nice of a day yesterday for either of us to be inside, but it was nice knowing that I could sit in […]