Ecologically Friendly Wood

What a morning! I woke up with the television on – Karate Kid II was the morning feature on the USA network. I shed a tear as “Glory of Love” inspired me to be the better man. After fielding a call from another potential client, I did a little SEO and layout consulting for Altruwood. […]

Passive Aggressive

Jack Humphrey wrote a great article for SiteProNews called Active Vs. Passive Website Traffic Generation. It really got me thinking about my own traffic generation tactics. I do actively seek to generate traffic from search engines and link directories, but also, I don’t spend too much time generating reciprocals and joining link exchanges. I don’t […]


My latest obsession when it comes to living abroad for cheap has been a little country called Armenia. A former USSR state, it was the first nation to formally to adopt Christianity in the 4th century. It is a landlocked country, bordered by Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. There are only 3 million citizens in […]


I am building a local directory of PDX bars. I’ve build a solid foundation for traffic/search optimization (see my article on using MOD_REWRITE), and hopefully will have displaced citysearch which currently dominates results pages of google and yahoo when searching for information about a specific bar. One thing I’m building is the ability for promoters/managers/bar […]

I love Craigslist Casual Encounters

Hopefully I’ll get a free haircut out of it: <b><a href=>Haircut – Seeking NSA TrimJob Tonight!</a> – m4w – 28</b> If that doesn’t work, here is an archive: <a href=>Craigslist Haircut on</a>

Designing Business Cards

I’ve been designing my business cards for my Portland Web Design Company today. I have not designed anything for print in quite some time, it’s been interesting trying to figure out a good uncluttered layout that contains all of the necessary information. I’m trying to keep my branding consistent with my web properties without overshadowing […]

New Article posted

I’m trying not to talk about politics. What can I say, I’m a fatalist with a slight Libertarian lean. Anyway, here is my helpful article: <a href=>Image Search Optimization</a>