New Article posted

I’m trying not to talk about politics. What can I say, I’m a fatalist with a slight Libertarian lean. Anyway, here is my helpful article: <a href=>Image Search Optimization</a>

Brutally Honest Personals

I was chatting with my friend Matt Steckler, a guy who at least once a year pulls off some zany scheme. For awhile, he was broadcasting fan commentary via cellphones from Seattle Supersonics games. As it picked up listenership, he was served with a Cease and Desist from the NBA. His latest adventure is an […]

Attachment update

It is wise to compress images from your digital camera BEFORE you send them. And just because you have superduper high resolution camera, it doesn’t suddenly make you Ansel Adams. You remain you, with a high resolution crappy snapshot. It is also wise to make sure the pictures would be of any interest to the […]

Do not email me large attachments

30mb attachments aren’t funny, and for some reason, they brought my mail server to a halt. It looks to be approximately 13mb in size. All I know is that disk space for that account is eaten up, and even on 768kps (well, as advertised, fucking comcast) it has taken nearly a hour to download and […]

Grand Theft Auto – It’s a Game

I don’t know why I am talking about GTA so much. Maybe because it’s such a fun game. Anyway… Reading this article made crack a smile of amusement. “A training film for mass murderers” Yes, that is what it is. According to this article the statement was made by a Miami attorney by the name […]

Just a quicky

After numerous friends asking me the same fucking questions over and over about how to get traffic to their websites, I wrote a little article about how to promote a band website if anyone is interested. And for friends who I’ve hooked up in the past – Sorry, no more freebies. I’ve got bills to […]

GTA San Andreas

Released! I’m not big into gaming, but GTA is quite fun. I think I’ll have to go make a small investment today, and take out all that pent up freelancer aggression on characters resembling Easy-E. And for no apparent reason, I was thinking about the Shanghai Tunnel in Portland.

Just acting like an asshole

Because I’m evil and hungry for traffic and realized it probably gets a few hundred searches per month, I purchased Shanghai Tunnel. Additionally, I’m am turning Kyle Ritter into a blog, focusing on geeky internet stuff. Daddy needs to make him some mulag. And my friends suck. When the hell are you going to come […]

what a great night

Aside from parties and weird biker things, I’ve never played a show before. Tonight was fucking awesome. There were like 150 at this damn little bar, we played 8 goddamn songs, and had a great time. The sound was great on the audience end, but the onstage monitors sucked ass until the sound guy got […]