Some New Sites and Whatnot

I have finally merged with BarFly. Barfly has been covering bars in the Portland and northwest areas for over 6 years, I’m quite excited about what will happen with this site. I also have finished up a site for a Portland plastic surgeon. He specializes in quite a few cosmetic surgerical enhancements, as well […]

Refinishing my floors

It was about that time…I needed to refinish the concrete floor in my basement, so I called up my friend “Your Floor Guy” and had him do a little work. It was too nice of a day yesterday for either of us to be inside, but it was nice knowing that I could sit in […]

Happy Clients Make Me Happy

I received a very heartening email from one of my past clients today. She had forwarded my information on to a friend praising the work that I had done for her, and was very pleased now that her site is showing signs of performance. Lately, I’ve been in a client slump, so it really brightened […]

Antique Wood and Related Phrases

I learned a valuable new lesson in keyphrase targeting today as well. There are terms that you will never think of that can generate significant results and interest. One of my clients mentioned that his customer was referencing the term “antique wood” when describing reclaimed lumber. A great deal of searches were done for “antique […]

This week

If all goes well, March will unveil two new expanded partnerships projects for me. I’m am looking forward to toning down my client work and focusing on doing what I like to do: running websites.

I Love Wood Products

Niche is key. You’ll enjoy more success focusing on specific niches than you will by, “just doing business”. Some of the more interesting sites I have worked on lately are related to the wood and lumber industry. Altruwood is probably the most interesting. They specifically sell Reclaimed Lumber, distributing it all over the country. Reclaimed […]

Hammerlane Launched

I have launched the new website version of for Hammerlane Trucking Software. Currently, it is an XHTML/CSS tableless layout, powered by a PHP backend. Certain portions are still using it’s old ASP with Javascript functions of the previous designer. However, over time I will do a full migration for software updates, downloading, and purchasing functions. […]

Blogger Sells Comment Posts on Ebay

In his auction he states: I will sign on to any blog and post your message, no matter how unpopular, inane or controversial. I will, however, never use profanity or personally attack any other blogger… This is taking blog comment spam to a whole new level. I actually admire the tenacity and is is a […]

Point of Sale

Point of Sale is a surprisingly competitive industry. I built a POS site for my old employer that does relatively well. As a test, I launched another one to see what kind of traffic it would get. Granted, my URL is a bit spammy, and I don’t update much, nor do I have a linking […]