Some photos from awhile back

Cleaned out my digital camera. These are some pictures from Bay to Breakers in SF. There were about 80,000 friggin people on this 9 mile run/walk/drunken stumble from the Embarcadero to the Pacific Ocean. So save bandwidth, the thumbs are clickable. Starting out at 7:30 am Clay, Michelle, Tracy and I…backpacks full of mix drinks, […]

argh argh argh

Yup. Not cut out for this blog journal. My little brother just send me a shitload of zines he has been publishing. Really great stuff, tons of music reviews, funnier than hell commentary, visual arts, et al. That means new site coming, formerly known as the Offices of Max G. Arnold, now known as Damn […]

I suck at…

…this livejournal thing. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy. Trying to fight off spring fever. The one nice thing about this strange little town I live in is that spring is simply beautiful. It’s a nice 80 degrees out and has been sunny all fucking week. That and it’s a ten minute drive to two different […]

Wacky scandanavians

“Black metal band Gorgoroth, made up of members “King”, “Kvitrafn”, “Gaahl” and “Infernus”, gave Polish TV far more than they bargained for.” In America, Janet Jackson’s floppy booby causes people to freak out and start screaming about decency and moral decay. In Catholic Poland, it apparently takes Norwegian Goths doused with sheeps blood and running […]

Things I don’t want to do be doing at this exact moment in time. (a) Working, so therefore, I post in this journal thing, and let 3:30 friday office doldrums take their toll. So I promise myself that I will get this mockup done by monday. (b) Breathing heavily. (c) Wearing a sweater. (d) Drinking […]

I Am Lionel Ritchie

If what the bible says is true, then I am a manifestation Lionel Ritchie (post commodores era). I’m thinking about starting a cult based on this. It’ll be great fun, you’ll be saved for one, and simple and easy to join. Just follow two simple rules (1)you have to give me every paycheck you recieve. […]


Made a few updates on <a href=>Churn</a>. This site is definitely an exciting project, and Jeff seems to be giving me an incredible amount of control. is number one on the results page in google for “<a href=>art magazine</a>”, now I need to build numero uno placements for for the similar terms. We […]