Opera 3.0 Mini

Opera released version 3.0 of their mini mobile browser today. I’m a-gonna have to download it. I’ve always been an advocate of developing sites that were mobile friendly (provided they are sites that a mobile user would find useful.) They are of course dropping the “web 2.0” buzzwords, but have some added nifty features such […]

Diamond Shaped Gable Vents

We have been getting bad about adding new products to TheBuilderStore.com…bad in the way that we don’t add enough. Luckily, Frank has been better about sending me photos, most recently he sent me a photo of a diamond shaped gable vent. So now I have added diamond vents to our website. I assume we will […]

Why ReInvent the Wheel

Sometimes, I think I waste too much time trying writing custom scripts to perform functions similar to existing open source ones. Part of my problem in that regards is that I’m a control freak: there is always some special set of features that aren’t included in available packages, and I always convince myself that it […]

Web Video vs. Cable

WebProNews published an article today entitled “The Future of Web Video“. YouTube might be the media darling (and I’m the old man who yearns from the halcyon days of the internet, when having a dot com name meant you could afford Network Solutions’ high fees and crappy email template registration thingy. The article barely glosses […]