SMS Micro Payment Dreams

One thing I have been mulling over lately is micro-payments via SMS. It seems that may be one answer to the old “how do you sell digital content on the web?” quandry. Currently, the only realistic option you have for purchasing web content is to do a full or trial subscription. But what if you […]

Looking For A Graphic Design Job In Portland?

From the Desk of Greg Gaylord, Portland Design and SEO guru connects Portland’s best creative talent with the right graphic design jobs, right community, the right business. Whether you’re looking to join a hot design firm or prefer the environment of a large corporation, 52 can help make the connection. They do this honestly and […]

Mainstream Vs. Adult

Over the years, I have dabbled in promoting adult (translation: porn) websites. They have never been anything more than a minor source of supplementary income, enough to pay my phone bills, web hosting, and maybe take the lady out for a nice dinner or two. I think I have a solid basic grasp of the […]

Eugene BarFly Soft Launch

Nobody really reads this stuff anyway, so it’s safe to soft launch the very incomplete guide to Bars in Eugene, OR, better known as BarFly Eugene! It’s a natural and logical expansion, and a way for us to test the market outside of Portland proper. I’ll need to take another trip down there to continue […]

Oh Stormy Storm

BarFly has been getting nailed with people looking for nude photos of Storm Large, who has become quite popular since Going on Rockstar Supernova. So lets see what kind of freaks I get emailing me now, just because they want to see Storm Large Nude.