Super Size Me Googlebomb

I have been using Digital Point’s the co-op ad network for the past few monthes. I am readily impressed, it has helped exposure to my various websites in many different ways, and has greatly improved some of my search engine positioning.

So when I saw an ad appear on BarFly that simply said “McDonalds” I wondered who in the hell would be using such a generic brand name for an ad.

Maybe it’s time to digress for a moment and explain how Digital Point works. Basically, it creates static text links on member’s sites, and displays them at random across everypage through out the entire network of sites. The number of pages indexed by google factors into how much weight you are given. More weight=more displays= more chances for a search engine spider to find your link. And since search engine really really like anchor text, it makes it look like your site is really really about whatever phrase you are using in your anchor text.
One click told me all I needed to know. It took me to the Super Size Me website. So then I went to google and typed “McDonalds” which pulled up McDonalds corporate site in first place, and Super Size Me in second.
“Aha”, shouted inspector Kyle, “I am on to them. Following that old miserable failure technique.”


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