MSN Search giving away prizes

Remember the long-running e-mail hoax from the early days of the Web, the one that had Bill Gates testing an “e-mail tracing program” and offering to pay recipients big bucks if they passed his test e-mail along to all their friends?

Well, the offer is true, sort of. Microsoft Corp. wants you to use its MSN search engine, and it’s got $1 million worth of prizes up for grabs for those who nibble at the offer.

Full article here

Myself, I pretty much still use Google, and if that fails, Yahoo, then if that fails, MSN. Old habits are hard to break. Switching to Firefox as my main browser instead of IE was a trying task, I had to break myself of the habit of clicking on the IE icon.

Then again, you can surf all three at once.


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  • Alan Kammersgard

    Hey we use to work for Jim Scott at Advanced Concepts on Bechelli and I wanted to stay in touch with you but I haven’t been able to find you until I went to Billy Bombays website and saw your link. What the hell have you been doing and send me an email when you get this.
    Alan (the short BALD guy)

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