The BarFly Directory

I created a simple BarFly style directory of all bars across the US. It is far simpler than BarFly, as in it allows users to write reviews, but little else. It is more an excercise of seeing what will be indexed and what won’t, seeing as there is very little in the way of content […]

AOL Dropping Google and Switching to MSN

AOL Time Warner is dropping Google’s search and advertising services, according to this article The Journal said that, under negotiations between Time Warner and Microsoft, AOL would drop Google as its main Internet search provider and switch to Microsoft’s MSN service This will mean a major directional shift for many web publishers. AOL users are […]

Cashing in off things that suck

Seems people really like to search for “__________ sucks”. A few weeks ago, I posted an article written by a contributor entitle “Why Hipsters Suck“. I’m curious to see what kind of hipster and anti hipster traffic such an article might bring, and what kind of goods they could be sold on.