Refinishing my floors

It was about that time…I needed to refinish the concrete floor in my basement, so I called up my friend “Your Floor Guy” and had him do a little work. It was too nice of a day yesterday for either of us to be inside, but it was nice knowing that I could sit in […]

Adobe to Buy Macromedia

Adobe to buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion This could either be the best thing, or the worst thing in the world for a few reasons: (1) Getting rid of Macromedia Freehand and just using Adobe Illustrator would be great (2) Getting rid of Adobe GoLive and keeping Dreamweaver would be awesome. (3) Using the web […]

Google Local Wireless

Looks like google has set up a wireless local search, according to WebProNews. This is simply awesome, I tried to do a similar thing with PDXbars Wireless ( ). Unfortunately, I don’t have the good search algorithm, and quite frankly, typing on wireless devices sucks. Perhaps with scripting an autofill feature for wireless browsers […]