Blogger Sells Comment Posts on Ebay

In his auction he states: I will sign on to any blog and post your message, no matter how unpopular, inane or controversial. I will, however, never use profanity or personally attack any other blogger… This is taking blog comment spam to a whole new level. I actually admire the tenacity and is is a […]

MSN Results – Beta Mix

I’m seeing mixed results from Some are based on the beta results from their new alogrithm, some are based on the old Inktomi/Fast/Whatever results. This post made on Jan.8th on the official MSNsearch Blog explains a little bit about what’s happening.. Many of my sites are doing well, ranking #1 for my most desired […]

XHTML vs. WML for Wireless Web Pages

I’ve been trying for weeks to program a wireless version of Portland Bars. I was originally trying to use WML (wireless markup language), and was met with constant frustration, endless server errors, and basically a bunch of crap that wasn’t gonna work. Then, for some reason, I created an XHTML strict test page. It worked […]