PDXbars – The First Week

I am pleased with how the Portland Bars website is turning out. Jason and I have worked our asses off getting it up and going, and we are starting to see a nice flow of traffic.

The blog is a handy asset as well, complete with a “bar detector” module that tries to match any bar name mentioned in a post then links the bar name to it’s corresponding page in the directory. This is helpful for breaking up the text and creating stop words, and helpful for getting spiders to crawl newly added bars, since we will often mention them in the blog after they are added.

In a past article I posted about Yahoo Slurp, I had mentioned Nocturnal, a nightclub here in Portland. Ironically, I have got the page listed at #10 in google, and according to my search engine logs, have recieved 13 visits based on the terms Nocturnal Portland since then. It seems that we are appearing above the actual bar itself, due to it’s artistic yet spider un-friendly design.

I programmed the site to be very friendly for visitors, hence making it friendly for search engine spiders as well. It is wonderful to see a fresh site indexed and appearing so quickly.

Mark my words, kiddies, traffic generation comes from recognizing your website as a business asset, not as a chance to satisfy your ego. This is an unpopular opinion amongst the creative but misguided designers in the community.


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