Point of Sale

Point of Sale is a surprisingly competitive industry. I built a POS site for my old employer that does relatively well. As a test, I launched another one to see what kind of traffic it would get. Granted, my URL is a bit spammy, and I don’t update much, nor do I have a linking […]

Faith Based Cartoons

I have recently been contracted to help promote On The Farm With Farmer Bob. This has been an exciting project to work on, the animation and art direction are top notch. These DVDs are faith based Christian cartoons, yet they also have broad appeal to the secular market. The while the underlying theme is to […]

Commission Junction Datafeeds

I’ve been talking to my friend Greg from Web-Fu Design in Portland about finding ways to parse Commission Junction datafeeds and insert them into a mysql database. Basically, my goal is to create a complete product catalog from these feeds yet create a search engine friendly, spiderable catalog. I think using mysql, php, and mod_rewrite […]

What Clients Should Know

I came across this article that is much in line with the spirit of berating my clients (yes, you know who you are) What Your Web Designer Wants You To Know by Tia Scott A particularly good point she made One way to puzzle a web designer is to say “I want a website”. What […]

Strict XHTML Coding

I’ve decided it is time I make an honest effort towards using strict valid XHTML code. Lately, my code has often been a neapolitan mixture of HTML 4.0, a little CSS, and sometimes XHTML, often on the same page. Much of the reason I haven’t been consistent with my coding style has been due to […]

Congratulations, Lady of Shame

Just read the< a href=http://www.shamelady.com>Shamelady</a> news. That’s awesome. I made a longer post about it on http://www.pdxbars.com You should go there and write reviews of <a href=http://www.pdxbars.com>Portland Bars</a> that you like. There are some regular posters there, I’m thinking of adding a thing where registered users can post links, and tally their post count. I […]

PDXbars II – Things for me to watch.

I’ve been closely monitoring the traffic to my Portland Bar site, and it seems that Nocturnal is definitely a sought after destination. I’m curious how I’ll be doing for other bars, such as Berbatis Pan, Dante’s, and other well known PDX bars. I’m also pleased that every unique visitor spends some quality time, averaging at […]