Passive Aggressive

Jack Humphrey wrote a great article for SiteProNews called Active Vs. Passive Website Traffic Generation.

It really got me thinking about my own traffic generation tactics. I do actively seek to generate traffic from search engines and link directories, but also, I don’t spend too much time generating reciprocals and joining link exchanges. I don’t frequently trade links with other webmasters, nor network with them.

Yet I hungrily read the latest news and regularly post information to both my blog and my other informational based sites, while seeking out like minded sites that I could trade with. Then I looked at my Portland Web Design Company website: I have little traffic to it, and have spent no time linking it, except throughout client sites and sites within my own network. While I make sure to optimize, am I passively seeking traffic when I should be actively seeking?

I use this weblog as both a professional promotional tool and as a venting utensil. While it might seem like neither should go hand in hand, I am most satisfied with the results. I’ve had a few referrals come in due to my posts. While some of my posts are decidely un-professional, it puts a human touch to what otherwise could simply be a cold hard information.

Well back to work. I need to actively promote my website.


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