Grand Theft Auto – It’s a Game

I don’t know why I am talking about GTA so much. Maybe because it’s such a fun game. Anyway…

Reading this article made crack a smile of amusement.

“A training film for mass murderers”
Yes, that is what it is. According to this article the statement was made by a Miami attorney by the name of Barry Silver. That is something that only an Attorney would say. Okay, and maybe preachers, politicians, and bored housewives. I digress: By that same statement, does that mean Tony Hawk Underground teaches kids how to become professional skateboarders? Is the kid going to go out, buy a skateboard, and immediately to a 720 switch kickflip to one-footed nose manual to 900 stalefish over a building?

If a kid kills someone, or someones, then he is a screwed up kid. I do find it ridiculous that people feel compelled to blame an inanimate string of one and zeros for thing for a kid’s actions.

Other dangerous things that might make kids do stuff
Watching a comedy will make a kid funnier.
Listening to country music will make a kid drink and lose his wife.
Watching a presidential debate will make a kid learn how to waste a good number of hours spewing bullshit rhetoric?

Walmart and GTA


  • Touts it’s good wholesome positive family image.
  • “Payday” mecca for single, uneducated parent’s who really just want an excuse to scream at their un-disciplined children in a public forum while shoving sugar and Big Macs down their kids throats
  • Bans records from being sold due to nearly mundane lyrics it deems offensive and sells edited versions of movies and books. Sometimes uses the excuse to “due to excessive violence”.
  • Actively promoting GTA San Andreas, probably sells more than any other retailer.
  • GTA is an excessively violent game. That’s part of it’s appeal, and part of the reason folks like to freak out. I’d never mistake it for a happy game about puppies and lemurs. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t recognize how brutally violent it is.

    However, when a company routinely bans artists from selling CDs due to it’s family positive image, stops selling magazines that might mention the word sex and show a bikini, then in turn sells a violent game intended for adults, isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

    Walmart: The big box Goliath of lumbering contradiction in a concentrated form.

    God bless it.


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