Do not email me large attachments

30mb attachments aren’t funny, and for some reason, they brought my mail server to a halt. It looks to be approximately 13mb in size. All I know is that disk space for that account is eaten up, and even on 768kps (well, as advertised, fucking comcast) it has taken nearly a hour to download and a small fraction of the message.

I have no clue who did it, my mail hasn’t downloaded from that account…yet.

But, as it is, it is also preventing me from viewing essential business oriented messages.

So please…If they are bigger than 1mb, DO NO SEND.

Don’t know how to tell if they are bigger than 1mb? Right click and select “properties” on the file you would like to send. If there are more than 6 digits followed by the words “bytes”, don’t send it. If it says “this file is 2.4Mb or 1.45 Mb.” don’t send it. I’ll like you better that way.

So thank you, large attachment sender. If I wake up in the morning and things are still horked, I’ll be very angry with you.


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