Designing Business Cards

I’ve been designing my business cards for my Portland Web Design Company today. I have not designed anything for print in quite some time, it’s been interesting trying to figure out a good uncluttered layout that contains all of the necessary information.

I’m trying to keep my branding consistent with my web properties without overshadowing the necessary information:

  1. What I do
  2. Who I am
  3. How to find me

Consistent branding is important to me to increase my overall visibility. I brand all of my websites with my BlueBandit mascot:
Web Design

However, I am operating with a limited budget for business cards, I’m operating on a two-color budget, using the muliple colors will not work. So I’ve been trying to figure out the base color for the Bandit Head, that still seems consistent with the rest of the site.

Well, back to work.


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  • Chancey Stohlman

    The cool thing about print is that you can work with gray levels which will allow you to dual tone the same color. Try adjusting the saturation levels in your blues and browns of the bandit. This is the most economical way to design in print.

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