Portland Bars

I have finally, after much hardwork, posted a working version of my Portland Bar Directory. I’m using a great deal of mod_rewrite and anchor text key terms that should hopefully generate some nice traffic search engine traffic. We are still lacking in content, Jason and I will be having all of our friends writing reviews, […]

On the Farm

I have just finished up my most recent traffic generation campaign for Flying Rhinoceros. Play on the Farm is a series of educational books and DVDs with a faith-based message. This website includes some great flash animation from some of the finest illustrators and animators, as well as voices by Vince Gill and Amy Grant. […]

Design for the Obvious

When you take on a client, especially when you are newer to the web design industry, you may feel compelled to “impress” both yourself and your client with the coolest, fanciest design. Maybe you want to add all kinds of features that you feel are fun tasks that enhance the website. You are designing as […]

MSN Search Beta

For those living in the dark, MSN’s indexing robot has been heavily crawling websites for the past few monthes. Some folks with larger sites have gone so far as to ban MSN bot due to aggressive crawling. Most of my sites have no more than a couple of hundred pages, so it hasn’t affected me […]

Ecologically Friendly Wood

What a morning! I woke up with the television on – Karate Kid II was the morning feature on the USA network. I shed a tear as “Glory of Love” inspired me to be the better man. After fielding a call from another potential client, I did a little SEO and layout consulting for Altruwood. […]

Passive Aggressive

Jack Humphrey wrote a great article for SiteProNews called Active Vs. Passive Website Traffic Generation. It really got me thinking about my own traffic generation tactics. I do actively seek to generate traffic from search engines and link directories, but also, I don’t spend too much time generating reciprocals and joining link exchanges. I don’t […]


My latest obsession when it comes to living abroad for cheap has been a little country called Armenia. A former USSR state, it was the first nation to formally to adopt Christianity in the 4th century. It is a landlocked country, bordered by Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. There are only 3 million citizens in […]


I am building a local directory of PDX bars. I’ve build a solid foundation for traffic/search optimization (see my article on using MOD_REWRITE), and hopefully will have displaced citysearch which currently dominates results pages of google and yahoo when searching for information about a specific bar. One thing I’m building is the ability for promoters/managers/bar […]