At this time next wednesday, I will be unpacking the u-haul and putting shit in my new place in NE PDX. Short timers syndrome at work has me by the balls, I haven’t done a damn thing all day.

I’ll be doing some work for Flying Rhinoceros after I get up there. Great company, really creative stuff. I’ve been on such a basic anti-artistic $$$ oriented design MO, it’ll take awhile to reaquaint myself “I’m the artiste, you are the web guy” ego that pops out every once in awhile. I’ll even be working along side my old creative director from Eyescream, The Maestro of POW Wrestling infamy.

Tonight, the boys and I have a show at this 30+ bar with a surfy punkabilly band. That will be the last time I get to play with the guys. It’s been fun and simple, loud metalish with lots of the power-rocker soloing and harmonic trickery, Robert is the master of that shit. And I get to pound on the damn drums as hard as can. As T-bogg puts it, those stupid pop-doo-pop-pop beats.


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