Evening of rock

I guess we are playing at this motorcycle event tonight. Should be fun a 45 minute set of rock, I guess there are going to be around 1000 gnarled old biker guys and trashy women in confederate flag bikinis. That will so fucking lounge. http://www.thunderrolls.org

band with no name

What a weekend. That music outfit I’ve been engaging in the rock with played at this chick’s house out in the country. It ended up pretty much being a harley gang party, which was kind of funny, because they were like Hell’s Angels Lite. Rick quitely mumbled “Kyle, this is your fault. Guys I hate […]

Found some oldies but goodies

I thought the cartoons and games I made for zthing were gone forever. Amazing how many people will archive their shit. These are two of what I consider to be my best ones. Special Winter Olympics Easter Egg Hunt If I can remember all the file names, I might be able to dig up all […]